1. How does the Doggie Shusher work?
The Doggie Shusher is a portable dog calming machine that provides a drug-free solution to relieve distress in pets. It works by emitting a soothing sound that helps calm and relax stressed-out dogs, especially those experiencing separation anxiety, fear of loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks, and other triggers.

2. Can I use the Doggie Shusher both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, the Doggie Shusher is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Its ruggedized exterior makes it durable and suitable for various environments. Whether you leave for the day or travel, you can use the Doggie Shusher to calm your dog's anxiety wherever you go.

3. Does Doggies Shusher work on all dogs?
Yes, the Doggie Shusher works on all breeds of dogs who suffer from anxiety and are in need of calming.

4. How can I use Doggie Shusher
Doggie Shusher works great for crate training, separation anxiety, puppy training, loud environments such as holidays and new people in your home.

5. Does Doggies Shusher take batteries?
Doggie Shusher has an internal rechargeable battery and is recharged with a USB-C charging cable (supplied). The battery is not user-changeable.

6. Is Doggie Shusher water proof?
Doggie Shusher is "slobber proof" and water resistant, although we do not recommend submersing the unit in water.

7. What is the sound produced by the Doggie Shusher?
We have carefully created a "shushing" sound from a real human voice. While developing Doggie Shusher, we also consulted with veterinarians to engineer the perfect sound levels for your pet.

8. Will it work on cats?
Cats don't listen to anyone or follow rules so it is unlikely it will work for your cat.