About Doggie Shusher

Help dogs with anxiety - Doggie Shusher

About Doggie Shusher

We help dogs with anxiety.

Our mission is to help families and dogs with anxiety live happier, less stressful lives.

Our Story

Doggie Shusher was invented specifically for dogs as an adaption of the world-famous Baby Shusher, the number one sound machine for babies.

Created by real-life parents Chad and Katie Zunker, Baby Shusher was the first sound machine to harness the power of “shushing” to activate a baby’s natural calming reflex.

As Baby Shusher spread across the world, we started seeing a trend that customers’ dogs loved the device as well. Inspired by this, we set out a goal to create a device that would help dogs that were anxious, over-excited, or slow to fall asleep. We adapted the Baby Shusher technology for it to be suitable for families to provide quick, effective relief to pets struggling with anxiety. This is how Doggie Shusher was born!

With its new technical alterations, the “shhhh” sound plays at a sound frequency that’s just right for dogs. The shape was redesigned to be chew-proof with no edges and we enhanced the durability to accommodate even the most rambunctious dogs.