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Doggie Shusher

Doggie Shusher - Portable Dog Calming Machine

Doggie Shusher - Portable Dog Calming Machine

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Doggie Shusher is perfect to relax your stressed-out dog. It is a drug-free solution to relieve distress in pets, whether it’s caused by separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, or any other trigger.

● Activate quickly and easily with a single step. Simply turn the dial on the bottom to set the volume level and the shushing will begin.
● Great for dog owners who leave for the day or travel.
● Calm your dog’s anxiety no matter if it occurs inside or outside with Doggie Shusher’s ruggedized exterior for durability in any environment.
● Ease the pain of crate training by soothing your pup to sleep. It’s safe to leave in your dog’s bed or kennel with no sharp edges for dogs to chew or bite.
● USB-C charging cable included so you can quickly recharge your Doggie Shusher whenever you need it. No batteries required.

Count on Doggie Shusher to calm your pet when they need it most. Become a Doggie Shusher parent to make your dog’s (and your own) life easier for years to come.

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