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Make Your Dog's Life Better

Canine anxiety affects roughly 70% of all dogs, leaving owners at a loss for how to help. We created Doggie Shusher to help dog families overcome anxiety, no matter the cause. Give your dog and yourself peace of mind during separation, loud noises, traveling, and all other potentially stressful situations.

  • Drug-free alternative for dog anxiety
  • Simple design requires one step to operate
  • Safe to leave in dog's bed or crate
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous shushing  
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes

Bedtime Routine

Make crate training and bedtime less stressful for you and your pup.

Loud Noise Distress

Overcome your best friend’s fear of thunder and lightning, or even fireworks.

Vet & Grooming

Calm your pet so they can get the care they deserve.

Travel & Car Rides

Ease your concerns about traveling with your doggie.


A Familiar Story

It’s a story you probably know all-too-well: walking out the door, feeling guilty that you have to leave your pup alone. Let your guilt melt away and allow Doggie Shusher to be your dog’s companion while you’re away.

A Closer Look at Doggie Shusher

Easy to Use

One simple step can soothe your pet. Turn the dial on the bottom to set the volume level and the machine will start shushing.

Outdoors & Travel 

With its advanced durability and convenient portable size, Doggie Shusher can continue to calm your pet on-the-go or out in nature

Bite & Chew-Proof

The teardrop shape of the Doggie Shusher will prevent your dog from biting, chewing, or crushing the device.

Reliable Power

 Doggie Shusher is wireless and comes with a USB-C charging cable that fits most outlets. No batteries required.

Soothe Your Anxious Dog

Introducing the new Doggie Shusher, the first dog relaxation device that uses a real human voice to relieve anxiety.


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