Baby Shusher Creators Launch Soothing Device for Dogs

Baby Shusher Creators Launch Soothing Device for Dogs

New Doggie Shusher device adapts award-winning technology to help dog owners overcome pet anxiety.

The creators of the award-winning Baby Shusher, have announced the launch of Doggie Shusher, a relaxation device for anxious dogs.

Aimed at stopping negative behaviors caused by separation anxiety, loud noises and other triggers, Doggie Shusher projects invasive, repetitive shushing that comforts and soothes dogs.

Doggie Shusher will officially launch on October 13, 2021 at However, customers can pre-order the device using the following link:

The new device is adapted from the same technology behind the Baby Shusher, which has sold over 1 million units worldwide. “Shushing” is a soothing technique recommended by prominent pediatricians to break crying spells and soothe babies to sleep.

Doggie Shusher Launch Alert

Doggie Shusher was created in response to growing demand from customers who relied on Baby Shusher for their infants. Inspired by comments and photos of customers using Baby Shusher on their dogs, pNeo began developing an adaptation for dogs.

“Nearly every feature has been modified to address the needs of dogs and their owners,” says Charlotte Wenham, an executive at pNeo LLC. “This includes the frequency and cadence of the sound, but also the durability and operation.”

Though the basic premise will be familiar, customers can expect to see major differences between the two, including:

  • Adjusted sound frequency that targets a specific range for dogs
  • Weatherized exterior to enable indoor and outdoor use
  • Tapered edges to prevent biting or chewing
  • Extended timer to allow up to two hours of continuous shushing

    Doggie Shusher will benefit dog owners, veterinarians, groomers and others who engage with anxious dogs. For more information, visit or follow @doggieshusher on Facebook and Instagram.

    For media inquiries, please email hello @ or call (940) 367-0244.


    About Doggie Shusher

    Doggie Shusher uses a rhythmic shushing sound to relax anxious dogs. It’s the only dog relaxation device that uses a real human voice to counteract stressful reactions caused by separation anxiety, crate training, loud noises, travel and many others.


    About pNeo LLC

    pNeo is a business accelerator that invests in and drives unique company brands, focusing on the baby and healthcare markets. We nurture innovations through the entire product life cycle, from inception and development, all the way to retail. As an FDA licensed medical facility, we maintain high standards of quality, providing solutions to everyday challenges that you can trust.

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